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Cancer is such a disease for which the causes are unknown. Some doctor’s suggest that it can be because of excessive Smoking, Drinking, Unhealthy eating habits, High Blood Pressure etc.. however the real cause or the root cause is not known hence you cannot do much about it. The only thing that you should do it is FIGHT IT!!

Yes and No. It depends on the type and stage of the cancer. Some cancers can be totally cured but unfortunately this cannot be said for all cancer types. Depending on the cancer type and stage their are various treatments that can be done. You should consult an oncologist immediately and follow his guidelines. At the end of the day you should not loose hope and have a positive mindset. I strongly believe you can fight cancer with these 4 simple things; 1) Believe in God; Almighty above you . 2) Have a strong willpower and mindset. 3) Have an understanding and supporting family. 4) Thank all the well wishers who support and pray for you. Let the doctors do their job and you do yours 🙂

No one knows the cause for it so no one knows how to prevent it. The only thing that you can do it have healthy food habits, avoid smoking and excessive drinking and exercise everyday to keep your fit and healthy.

Cancer patients don’t need sympathy they need motivation. I have seen patients in oncology department who have lost all hope and are low in morale. You have to be with them and motivate them to fight it. You need to be positive about it and more importantly the patient itself should be positive and live life king size. After all God also gives such things to special people who have the courage to fight such an ailment.

It is a very difficult question to answer however what I feel the cancer gives you a choice to either affect your life span or life style; the choice is completely yours. I have come across people who lived more than 6 years while doctors gave them 6 months. If you bring a change in your life style; eat healthy and stay fit and most importantly stay positive; you can definitely need a normal life but again it really depends on the type of cancer and the cancer stage.

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